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Web Design and Website Development are interchangeable terms used for the entire process of building a website. However, there are some core differences. Web design typically falls after a discovery/strategy and planning session and covers many “design” elements.

These include sketching wireframes, content sketches, mock-ups,  the creation of the graphical structure of the website and flowcharts for the website. 

This differs from website development which involves the actual “building” and “coding” of the website, ready to launch your business online to your customers.

At Webrr.Digital, we make a clear distinction between website design and website development and follow a 6 step master plan to complete any website build. Below we detail some of the aspects included in our web design phase.

View our 6 step Master Plan to building a website.

Sitemap & User Flow

One of the first steps involved in our Web Design process is to build out a user flow and sitemap for the website.

This allows us to identify the amount of content the website requires and how users could potentially interact with this content. Although not set in stone, what we look at includes:

  • Number of pages
  • Menu & Navigational Hierachy
  • Internal Linking Structure & Opportunities
  • Potential number of images/graphics required
  • Potential Call-To-Actions for each page

The foundation for this step is based on our discover/strategize and planning session. As usual, it may seem like we’re giving you a lot of “homework” in the previous steps, but the goal is to build a website that is tailored to your business needs. 

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Wireframing & Prototyping

After the website sitemap and/or user flow is approved, we move onto the creation of wireframes and/or prototypes for your website.

What we recommend to all clients is to have a consistent look and feel across the home page and internal pages. Depending on the nature of the project, we may create wireframes, prototypes or both for the home page, inner pages and any custom landing pages.

How this step looks is very different from business to business, and generally the output evolves during the development process. It is important to us to give you some form of visual representation of your future website.

Not sure what a wireframe looks like? Download an example

Business Branding & Colours

This step allows us to identify the primary, secondary and alternate colours for your new website.

You may have existing branding guidelines that we can follow, however, if you do not have any existing guidelines, we will base our styling on the rule of 3 and evaluate from there based on your individual business needs.

During the discover & plan phase, we may already tick off this step if you have existing branding guidelines that can be supplied.

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Font Design or Selection

As with the previous step, if your business has existing branding guidelines for fonts, we will try to align these to your new website, provided you can provide font files for any non-standard fonts.

If you do not have any fonts in mind, or any branding guideline, we will make recommendations based on your business, goals, industry and niche.

We pair fonts based on best-practices and highly recommend you use no more than 3 fonts across your entire website.

Download our guide to some of the best website fonts for web design

Stock Images & Animations​

At Webrr.Digital, for all our web design projects, we provide our clients access to stock photos, images, vectors and animations.

These are provided to you for optional use within your website but we highly recommend business-specific images where possible.

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