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At Webrr.Digital, we provide innovative web design and web development solutions to businesses all over Australia. Although based in Victoria, we’ve worked with clients across all states, as well as internationally, for over 15 years.

When you choose to work with Webrr.Digital, you choose to take your business on the path of success. We follow a 6 step master plan for all web design and website development projects that starts the minute you make contact with us.

We’ll detail these steps below and hope to be able to assist you with your website project needs.


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STEP 1: Discover & Strategize

First and foremost in our web design and website development process we will determine details about your business that can be used to construct “the road to success” for your business website.

At Webrr.Digital we follow a proper methodology and make sure that each and every step is followed. We start this by having an in-depth exploration of your business, focusing on details such as the specific reason for your website project, your expectations, the ultimate purpose of your completed website project, and your  target audience.

It is very important for us to know about your main competition, their websites, and your project budget plan. These details regarding your business help us in creating the strategy required to execute your website project successfully.

This step sets the wheels in motion for our web design and website development master plan.

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STEP 2: The Project Plan

After our discover & strategize phase, we would have a clear understanding of your web design & website development project requirements.

Our team will begin to create a tailored project plan for your business. We will detail specific requirements and outline clear project tasks such as:

  • Project content requirements
  • Project asset requirements (to be supplied by you)
  • Project key features and functions
  • Recommended addons and plugins, where applicable
  • Project key timeframe indicators
  • Project investment and milestone breakdown
  • Clear project execution timeline for the remaining steps discussed further below.

As you can see, the team at Webrr.Digital are the ultimate planners, we dedicate two steps of our master plan to discovery, strategy and planning to ensure your web design and website development project has every chance to succeed.


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Once we’ve got a plan in place, the wheels begin to turn based on your project requirements. Each of the following steps discussed from hereon will be unique based on your actual project requirements. Webrr.Digital will generally execute all 6 steps of our master plan for any new website, or website re-build, project.

With web design we begin to create the graphical structure and flow of your website.

Tasks often include:

  • Sitemap & user flow creation
  • Wireframing and/or prototyping
  • Colour & font planning

At Webrr.Digital, for all our web design projects, we provide our clients access to stock photos, images, vectors and animations from a selection of different libraries.

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After the web design phase of your project is completed our team move onto the development phase of your project.

Our highly skilled team start the development, or building; phase of your project.

We begin adding content, refining any old content you want to keep, implementing core project functions and features and setting up plugins where applicable.

After this is all completed, we  will test your website on all major browsers before the official website launch.

Please note: Prior to the completion of this phase we generally would not grant your staff access to the project administration credentials to prevent usability and coding conflicts.

View our 6 step Master Plan to building a website.

STEP 5: Launch & Optimize

During the entire web design & website development process, all work is completed on the Webrr.Digital staging server. This ensures there is no interruption to your usual business operation.

Once the project is signed off as complete, we will launch your project onto your servers. If no servers are present, we will be able to help you set up a hosting solution suitable to your business.

If Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace emails are required, we will assist in the creation of these during the launch phase.

Depending on your project, we may offer you 1 month free of our Website Care Package which will allow for optimization of any WordPress based project.

All web design and website development projects include 30 days post-launch support for fixing of any bugs. 

We will also offer your business our Website Management option because although the project is now completed, so long as your business is growing, our work is never truly “finished”.

View our 6 step Master Plan to building a website.

STEP 6: Online Promotion

You can’t simply engage in an agency to launch a web design or website development project and then neglect it, hoping that people will somehow find you online from time to time. If you want your website to be a valuable asset for your business, you need to promote it. Ignoring promotion is like opening a business but not telling anyone, it’s chances of success are slim to none.

At Webrr.Digital we have a team of digital marketing experts who can make sure that the online marketing of your website is done in an appropriate manner.

We have experience in a range of digital marketing services including:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • CMS Marketing via HubSpot & ActiveCampaign
  • Video & Audio Marketing
  • Content Marketing

Our online promotion services help us to turn our client’s business websites and web presence into a profitable entity.

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