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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most tangible forms of digital marketing. This form of digital marketing is primarily used to place digital ads on search engines, such as Google and Bing; as well as on a variety of publishers’ websites, mainly through Display Advertising (a.k.a. banner ads). This form of advertising is primarily used in an attempt to bring about an immediate return on investment and allow instant visibility at the top of a search engine results page. It is one of the most measurable forms of digital marketing.

Although there are a multitude of benefits of PPC, a business  must be well-informed when selecting a pay per click management company. Not only are there are a lot of technicalities that need to be observed; in order to plan and execute an effective PPC campaign, but not every company provides the benefits, flexibility and transparency that the team at Webrr.Digital deliver to their clients on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

At Webrr.Digital our team of experts have worked on hundreds of PPC campaigns throughout our corporate careers and we bring invaluable experience, knowledge, insights and expertise, to ensure your company has the best chance of success and growth.

A testament to our success is our industry exclusive partnerships with a number of our clients, usually bought about after they’ve tried and grown to love our services.

Real Estate, Finance, Education & Training, Medical, Dental, Transport, Trades and Services. We've worked across all these industries and more. Contact us today to discuss a PPC campaign for your business.

The Benefits of PPC Advertising.

When working with a reputable PPC management agency, you can expect to achieve clear and measurable results that help your business determine its marketing return on investment.

Some of the benefits Pay Per Click marketing brings along include:

Extremely Targeted Traffic: With PPC advertising, your ads can be displayed wherever you deem convenient, using targeted and segmented traffic. Target potential customers based on who, and where; they are, what they’re doing and what interests they have.

Planned Promotion: PPC advertising, via display ads, can help you run visually appealing promotions to your most relevant audiences based on  geography, demographics, gender, time and their interaction/s with your business.

Delivery Speed: PPC advertising is seen as a rapid way to compliment and boost your traffic while SEO is being implemented side by side, making the promotion stronger and more effective. 

Analysis: With PPC advertising, you can easily analyze your marketing spend including keyword cost, reach, conversions, and cost-per-acquistion. With this data, your PPC management agency can improve your campaign based on what is most important to your business.

Webrr.Digital PPC Marketing benchmarks by industry. Is your marketing currently in-line with these averages for your industry?

Webrr.Digital PPC Approach

As with everything we do, Webrr.Digital is focused on driving the best results for your business through our PPC management service. We follow a 5 step approach to analyze, plan, strategize and optimize your PPC advertising campaign/s.

The team at Webrr.Digital will analyze the needs, goals as well as expected audience/s for your business and collect essential information prior to preparing a custom strategy for your campaign.

We develop a strategy based on our findings during the analyze phase with a focus on helping your business reach  it’s goals and target audience/s in the most cost effective way. Benefit from our teams array of industry insights based on the execution of 100s of previous campaigns across various sectors.

Your custom campaign is designed using best practices and includes target audience research, keyword research, ad group architecture design and bid strategy recommendations.

After planning, strategy and design are approved, all search ads and display ads are created and begin displaying to your target market. 

We don’t believe in the set and forget approach to PPC management and review all clients campaign on an on-going basis. Usually client campaigns are monitored daily and optimised accordingly, with the focus on gaining the most profitable results for our clients. We feel it’s better to find and fix any campaign gaps immediately rather than waiting for the  monthly reviews, an approach popular amongst other PPC management agency partners.

Would you prefer to find an issue with your PPC campaign after it's been occurring for 1 month or 1-2 days? Webrr.Digital prefers the latter to save our clients' marketing spend.

Platforms For Your Profitable PPC Campaign - Google Ads

Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, is deemed as one of the most essential aspect of PPC marketing. Our marketing experts don’t always agree, in our experience, depending on your industry/sector; their may be better alternatives.

However, Google Ads does have huge potential to drive high amounts of paid traffic to most business websites. 

Some Google Ads statistics which makes it highly probable that it’s the right platform for most businesses include:

  • Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads. (Google Economic Impact Report)


  • 72% of Google Ads marketers plan to increase their PPC budgets (Search Engine Watch).  This is a strong indication that those businesses were generating positive ROI, because if they were not, then they wouldn’t increase their budgets.


  • 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from Google Search. (Search Engine Watch)


  • 70% of mobile searches result in action being taken within an hour. (Mediative Labs)


Of course, there are a lot of factors that will determine the success of a Google Ads campaign, therefore these stats alone do not imply that every ad campaign will be profitable. If only it were that easy!  The reality is that you must engage with a reputable PPC management agency, who will properly set up and manage your ads correctly, to be able to see positive results.

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Display Advertising

Display advertising, or banner ads, is one of the most trendy PPC marketing techniques as it involves beautiful visual elements like images and videos to convey the promotional messages of a business. At Webrr.Digital, we utilize display advertisements where appropriate to drive brand awareness and boost brand recognition.

We can assist your business’s display advertising efforts by using high quality images, videos and audio then displaying this content to a targeted audience across over 200 million sites, apps and videos.

The value of display advertising comes down to reach and affordability with prospecting and brand awareness coming at a much lower investment when compared to traditional search ads.

When recommending display advertising campaigns to our clients, we stress that this platform is, is first and foremost, a tool for prospecting and brand awareness.

Download our free guide to Google Audience Targeting.

Microsoft Advertising - Formerly Bing Ads

Where Google Ads dominate 92% of the search market share ( for some businesses Microsoft advertising, especially Bing ads, is definitely worth a closer look. Microsoft advertising offers a cost-effective alternative to Google Ads, with the Microsoft Search Network encompassing Bing, Yahoo, MSN and partner search solutions such as DuckDuckGo.

When working with our clients, we sometimes find advertising across both Google & Microsoft platforms to be the optimal approach.

Speak to the Webrr.Digital team about the Microsoft Search Network and it’s advertising options today!

Interested in information on Search Engine Marketing Market Share for each platform? Download our free infographic.

Google Shopping Ads

Are you a retailer looking to capitalize on the recent eCommerce boom? Google Shopping Ads may be the answer.

Although it requires more effort than other forms of PPC marketing to get started, Google Shopping Ads are great for driving traffic to your online store that is both high-intent and has a high potential to convert.

There are multiple reasons why you should consider using Google Shopping Ads for your eCommerce store including:

  • Google Shopping Ads are the only way to rank on top of Google Search results. With Google Shopping Ads, visibility is highest as it appears before both Search Ads and Organic results. Google Shopping Ads get this premium spot in the search results page as their visual format attracts the majority of the clicks.

  • Great visual representation of your product. No matter how good a search ad may be, it simply describes a product, whereas Google Shopping Ads show customers the actual product.

  • Intent based advertising = higher conversions. Instead of interrupting web users when they are browsing the open web,  through methods such as Display Advertising, Google Shopping Ads show when people are actively looking for a product.

Speak to the team at Webrr.Digital today about a Google Shopping Ads campaign for your online store.

See how we drove a 20x increase in online sales for our client through Google Shopping Ads in just 1 month.


When it comes to PPC marketing, one very common and popular platform form of digital marketing is Remarketing, aka retargeting.

Remarketing can dramatically increase both your conversion rates and ROI by show past site, or specific page visitors, advertising related to your brand. This is an effective way to target audiences who have shown some sort of interest in your brand or business. 

Remarketing can be extended further by targeting users who have, or have not, taken a specific action on your website. Have you every added an item to a shopping cart and not proceeded to checkout, only to see an ad the next day featuring the product/s you left in the cart? That’s remarketing.

Remarketing can be used as a chance to convert, up-sell, or retain customers, as long as your PPC management agency sets it up to not be viewed as “annoying” or “too aggressive”. Speak to us about how remarketing can help your business.

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