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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is the process and practice involved in increasing the visibility of a website on a search engine’s results page(SERP’s) in the natural (organic) search results. The term “organic” is used here to distinguish from Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which is based on a Pay-Per-Click model.

Major search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, rank websites based on specific parameters and algorithms that are constantly changing and evolving. Code names such as Panda, Hummingbird, Medic and Core Updates, the latest being Core Web Vitals; are often referred to when speaking about the maze of updates Google has made to their algorithms since 2011. 

A business owner generally would not have the knowledge, expertise nor time to keep up with all these changes, this is where SEO services such as the ones offered at Webrr Digital come into play.

The average SEO cost in Australia is between $750 to $3,000+ per month. The hourly SEO rate is generally between $150 to $300. Generally, the higher the competition, the more you need to pay for your SEO. 

When done well, organic search delivers more traffic and search volume, at a better cost per lead, than paid search. However, new businesses can have a hard time getting started with SEO, and paid search offers an avenue to fast track any search marketing efforts.

At Webrr.Digital, we find most businesses are not given clarity to understand what EXACTLY they are investing in when it comes to SEO. Below we will detail what is offered in our SEO Services and then, depending on your business, we can create a tailored, cost-effective, SEO strategy for you.

SEO vs SEM - Who Wins Out?

We’re sure you’ve pondered whether Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM Pay Per Click) is the best strategy for your business, the answer is: it’s complicated.

Discovery - Research is key

A quality SEO agency will spend time to understand your business, your key  and target customers, your main competitors, your products and your industry.

A solid SEO strategy can take hours to develop and and will evolve as your business grows but the crucial step we often see glazed over, or sometimes even skipped, is this crucial research stage.

At Webrr.Digital, we take this stage very seriously and it may seem like we are asking you, and your business, for a lot of information and giving you a lot of “homework”, but by covering research with diligence we build a strong foundation for a successful SEO strategy for your business.

A thorough discovery questionnaire forms the basis for a good SEO strategy. If you're keen to work with us, please download and fill in this discovery questionnaire and one of our experts will reach out to you to discuss your goals further.

Website Audit

Many companies offer a free website audit or tell you that they’ll do an audit of your website as the first step of  their SEO process but they purposefully leave out the details involved. At Webrr.Digital, our SEO strategies include multiple website audits based on varying factors such as domain age, website age(i.e. is it a new or rebuilt website) and whether or not you’ve had any SEO work done before.

During our website audits we will look at the following:

  • Website foundation & structure
  • Content analysis (Think blog articles, images, existing copy)
  • Technical testing (Speed and code best practices)
  • Backlink health check (Do you have backlinks and are they high quality)
  • Current traffic and trends

Based on the above findings, we may recommend your in-house developer make some changes or that your website is not ready for SEO and needs to be completely rebuilt. If you do not have access to designers, developers or a copywriting team, these are all services we can provide.

Every Client SEO Strategy will look different because we're not cookie cutters! However, you can download a sample SEO plan if you'd like.

Keyword Research

Thorough Keyword Research is essential in determining the complexity of any SEO campaign. Often a company would provide us with core keywords that they want to appear for on search engine results pages and we perform keyword research to help determine if the provided keywords are indeed the ones we should be focusing on.

We look at keywords on multiple levels such as:

  • Keyword Relevance – is the keyword relevant to your products and services?
  • Keyword Search Volume – Is this a keyword or phrase that people actually enter into Google?
  • Ranking Difficulty – Is this a keyword or phrase that has a High level of competition?
  • Keyword Intent – does the user intent align to your business? 

Keyword Research is also important when doing a Content Audit and creating new content, for more information on this, please see below.

READY TO GET STARTED? Download our SEO questionnaire and let's chat.

Content Audit & Content Writing

At Webrr.Digital we provide two SEO options for content marketing. The option suitable for your company will largely depend on the information provided in our SEO questionnaire, hence why we insist this is completed prior to any SEO conversation or strategy development.

Content Audit – is based on your preferred SEO  keywords and phrases to help your in-house copywriter(content writer) to deliver optimized content, such as blog posts, news articles or press releases.

As with keyword research we look at factors such as relevance, search volume, difficulty and we also provide competitive content insights, including top ranking pages which your copywriter can use for ideas. 

Content Writing – takes the above one step further, with our professional copywriters creating the actual content for you. When creating content, we often collaborate with you and your team to ensure that the information we provide is factual and relevant to your business.  

Download an example content audit for an unnamed company and view the information provided and what value you can get with the Webrr.Digital team

On-Page SEO

All comprehensive SEO strategies include on-page, and off-page, SEO. If you think of the most basic search engine optimization tactics, i.e. using keywords in your page title and copy, optimizing meta descriptions and using alt tags; that is the foundation for on-page SEO.

With On-Page SEO, we evaluate and look at improving the following:

  • Content – The saying goes that “content is king” and we audit your content, as stated above, to ensure that people want to actually visit your website.
  • Keywords – While keywords are less important than they were a few years ago, keyword optimization is still a cornerstone of SEO today.
  • Title Tags – The title tag refers to the title of your web page, which is the main heading you see in any search engine results page. This makes it one of the most important on-page SEO factors after your actual content. We always suggest customers keep this title to 65 characters or less.
  • Meta Description – A meta description is a short description that appears below the website address (URL) on a search engine results page. It also appears below a headline in a social post.
  • Page Security & Performance – are both important factors when it comes to on-page SEO.
As you may have already realised, on-page SEO encompasses a number of SEO services we’ve written about. Whether your strategy requires a fully encompassing service, such as on-page SEO, or individual services that make up on-page SEO will depend on your business and comes down to our policy around businesses only investing in what they need.

Have you seen of been offer SEO services with unbelievable prices? Beware, as it may just be TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Download our free guide "White Hat vs Black Hat vs Grey Hat SEO" and make an informed choice. ​

Off-page SEO & Link Building

When discussing SEO, what a business needs to know is that it’s based on 3 key factors or pillars. Technical Optimization is part of on-page SEO, as discussed above, Relevance is based on your page content and a user’s search intent and finally we have Authority. This is where Off-page SEO and link building comes into play.

Off-page SEO focuses on the “popularity” of your website versus that of your competitors. The more “popular” your website is, the higher you can rank on search engines and the more search visibility you have. You may be wondering, what are the metrics the search engines look at to pick the 10 best pages out of millions of results? It comes down to off-page SEO signals which include:

  • Links from websites with authority (Guest Blog, Business Directory Listings, Forum, etc..)
  • Testimonials on Review Sites (Google Reviews/Facebook Reviews)
  • Engagement with your content: click, likes, favorites, video views, sales,  comments.

At Webrr.Digital, our off-page SEO practices include monitoring all of the above and as usual, how much of each factor your SEO plan needs depends on your individual business.

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